Amira is working to connect a network of test facilities across the globe.  These test facilities span the mine value chain and include automation and robotics precincts, underground and open pit test beds, laboratories, digital spaces and innovation hubs.

The integrated Global Facilities is a core component of Amira’s Enabling Futures Program.

The overarching purpose of this access and integration is to develop pathways to implementation for R&D and innovation through communities learning together from experimentation, piloting, and upscaling.  In addition, we seek to develop spaces to ensure new tech can be implemented with the least disruption to our operating members’ sites and businesses.

A core foundation of this program is to ensure value derived from R&D and innovation is delivered, implemented and can transform the industry, in accordance with Amira’s constitutional purpose: to enhance, sustain and deliver.

A beautiful aspect to the collaborative facilities (“CoLabs”) is the emerging global leadership and community among the test facility providers that will help grow a quality network of facilities and shared experience, exposure, and visibility.

To plug into this network contact Dr Anil Subramanya (