P1331:  Enhanced treatment of Refractory Au & base ores

Project Number: P1331

Status: Open for Sponsorship

Amira Program Manager: Bright Foli

This project within the mineral processing framework is in responds to industry needs of treating refractory ores. Refractory gold ores is defined as ore that is difficult to recover through conventional circuit of crush-grind-leach.

This project will utilize both new research and applied  to solve peculiar problems or combination of problem from participants. The project will initially start with sites in West Africa sub-region and expand to other jurisdictions like South America and Australia as the project progresses. The objective of the project is to:

P1331 projects to characterize, research for solutions, conduct techno-economic analyses and trial solutions for various type of “refractoriness” that cover, among others:

·Slimes and clay problems, Antimony and Arsenic in ore issues, Grain size fine dissemination, Sulphide enclosed metals and the like, Carbonaceous associations (Laterite with settling and carbon management issues),

many more categories that describe mineralogical and metallurgical challenges experienced currently, especially in West Africa, as a start, but global in general

The project is currently under development and open to sponsors. Please contact Bright Foli at bright.foli@amira.global for more information.