Research and development support

Amira provides resources and support to Members to help them conduct research and development activities. This includes leveraged funding, access to specialized equipment, and collaboration opportunities.

Networking and collaboration

Networking and collaboration: Amira facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities among members through regular meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Knowledge sharing and dissemination

Knowledge sharing and dissemination: Amira provides opportunities for members to share their knowledge and expertise through publications, presentations, and training sessions.

Access to research and industry data

Amira provides members with access to industry data, research findings, and other relevant information.

Technical expertise

Amira provide access to experts in various fields who can provide guidance and support to members on a range of technical and scientific issues.


Amira represents the interests of members in relevant policy and regulatory discussions, and works to advocate for the industry’s shared mission and goals.

Professional development

Amira provides opportunities for members to develop their professional skills and knowledge through training, mentoring and other professional development opportunities.

Advocacy and representation at the international level
Amira represent members’ interests in international organizations and initiatives, and participates in international discussions and negotiations on issues of relevance to the industry’s shared mission and goals.