The Integrated Mining Consortium is collaborative industry research program designed to integrate the entire mining value chain by using machine learning, sensors and data analytics and creating technology solutions.

Funded through industry and government, the consortium is running two key programs (upstream and downstream) involving 14 research projects and 11 translation projects.

Its objectives are three-fold:

Upcoming workshops

There are two upcoming workshops.  The first on 1 October 2020 is sponsored by Oz Minerals. The program looks as ways in which sensors are used to enable machines to identify and monitor ore characteristics at several points of the upstream mining chain.

The second workshop on 2 October 2020 is an overview of the Downstream program sponsored by BHP. The research challenge program involves optimising the grinding, flotation and leaching stages.

Workshop details

Who can attend?

The workshop is open to consortium partners and those interested in joining. It is important to contact the consortium to discuss the opportunities.

How to become a partner?

You can join the consortium by providing in-kind and/or cash contributions.

Examples of in-kind contributions include site data feeds, ore model data, samples and advice.

Cash contributions are dependent on number and type of research, number of translation projects and level of involvement required.

What do you receive?

There are numerous reasons to join this extraordinary project.

You will be able to:

Join or find out more

Please contact Amira Global Program Director Future Resources Adele Seymon