Amira Global is pleased to announce Professor Neville Plint will be taking on the role of Chair of the Amira Global P9 Research Program. Prof Plint is the Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at the University of Queensland, and a well-known industry leader. With his extensive experience in the sector, Prof Plint will continue to facilitate global collaboration, networks and industry engagement.

Amira Global’s P9 is the world’s largest university-based mineral processing research programme, spanning an amazing 50 years. It has re-shaped the practice of designing and optimising mineral processing plants, using mathematical modelling and computer simulation.

The project began in 1962 with a collaboration between the University of Queensland and thirteen Australian mining companies. The project — The Optimisation of Mineral Processes by Modelling and Simulation – was the ninth Amira Global project. P9. Over the years, the project has been extended 16 times, in three-to-four-year cycles.

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Amira Global is holding a special roundtable discussion on December 9, 2020 about P9.

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