The Amira Tailings Program is evolving at a rapid rate, with work through March mapping the fantastic submissions (short form proposals) to the trends noted in the workshops.  The progress dial below highlights the plans for April, where the Tailings Program heads into the Validation stage, with our Collaboration Members nominating the submissions they’d like to hear more from, at the R&D Forum in early May.  I’ll be in touch with all who provided a submission in April, to provide guidance and feedback, so please stay tuned for that. 

Thanks very much to everyone (person, group, institution and collaboration) that has provided material for discussion and review.  It certainly has been a great response to this industry mega-challenge, and the Program looks to be taking shape to systematically transform the way we, as an industry, deal with this moving forward. 

If you have any queries, or want to discuss anything in particular relating to the Program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Sean Helm, GM Futures Development.