One of Amira Global’s defined purpose is ensuring the delivery of new data, knowledge, technologies, products and services in order to have a positive impact on the mining industry. In order to achieve this we consider potential pathways to implementation during the development of programs and delivery of projects.

As part of Amira Global’s inaugural R&D forum, we are excited to introduce members of the Amira CoLabs initiative who will showcase the capabilities and expertise they bring to the industry as part of a global network of test facilities. These include the Centre for Excellence in Mining (CEMI) and NORCAT, both based in Canada, Axis House based in South Africa and operating globally and RMIT in Australia.

The Enabling Futures R&D Forum session will also include a roundtable on “Collaboration for innovation and implementation – how do we enable the future?” featuring CEMI’s Douglas Morrison & Charles Nyabeze, NORCAT’s Don Duval and RMIT’s Tim McLennan who are all passionate advocates for collaboration as the best way to achieve impactful change in the industry. Hear their thoughts and contribute your own!

“Cyber: Trouble at the IT/OT working face” is the topic presented by leading cyber security experts Alison Howe, Leslely Seebeck, Max Heinrich and Emma Wise.

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