Brett Harris | Curtin University


Project title: A new standard in tailings characterization, monitoring and assurance

Research team:

Offering to sponsors:

The project offers end users automated real time systems to monitor and assure their tailings and mine infrastructure over long periods of time, at low cost.


The proposal involves developing multifunction distributed sensing networks in tailings and other mine infrastructure for automatic characterization, monitoring and assurance at low cost for these key mine assets. Information such as seismicity, changes in temperature, and strain are streamed in real time. This is true big data and requires supporting software (e.g. machine learning). The systems can provide information for multiple purposes. For example, the network would be intended to provide detailed information for planning, seismicity, 4D environmental/geotechnical information, subsidence rates, or subtle earth movements that may assist in predicting risk of catastrophic failure. The technologies are readily automated, are can be operated at low cost. They can be operated remotely with no human intervention to provide assurance and characterization from the start.

Distributed sensing technology is current being used in the oil industry and for CO2 sequestration monitoring. The research team is working with universities in the USA on large scale distributed sensing projects.

Benefit to industry:

Optimize 4D Tailings characterization monitoring andassurance

Risk reduction

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