Phillip Fawell | CSIRO Mineral Resources

Theme: Step changes in the characterization, extraction and processing of material in the production of tailings volume

Project title: Advanced prediction and optimisation of tailings suspension properties as delivered to TSFs

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A new approach to modelling aggregation and dewatering that maximises predictive outputs from real feeds from limited testing.


Current dewatering test procedures give (at best) adequate predictions of downstream behaviour for the tailings studied, but little or no scope for useful prediction of responses when the particle size distribution (PSD) of the feed changes.

Using a novel mathematical approach identified by CSIRO and the University of Western Australia, the project will develop a new modelling tool that in combination with smarter PSD characterization, providing a step-change in accuracy of predicted settling rates and rheology for broad PSDs. Strategies for then maximizing dewatering will be explored with this tool and validated in full-scale trials. As a consequence:

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