Jane Hodgkinson | CSIRO Mineral Resources

Theme: Step changes in the characterization, extraction and processing of material in the production of tailings volume

Project title: Characterising and Mapping Tailings: the New Potential Resource

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The project will employ advanced technologies—integrated optical and SEM microscopy, along with field-deployable instruments such as laser induced breakdown spectroscopy—and widely available laboratory and exploration methods to obtain quantitative detail (size and abundance) of tailings dam components to thus re-characterise the tailings dam as a new potential resource.

The project will perform a case study on a tailings dam from a commodity such as coking coal, iron ore, or gold. The project team will sample, plot and map the body and identify potential products of significant value.

The project will target and analyse a range of cored samples selected from varying depths of the case study tailings dam, producing a ‘resource map’ and preliminary economic evaluation.

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