Phil Ofori | CSIRO

Theme: Tailings repurposing that results in a step change in existing tailings volumes

Project title: Capturing value from tailings by transforming it into value-added products

Research team:

Offering to sponsors:

The project will develop processes required to transform tailings into geopolymer concrete, drastically reducing tailings volumes in tailing storage facilities and associated risks, while generating additional revenue. This will improve the sustainability of the industry into the future.


The project transforms tailings and other mining waste into geopolymer concrete for construction purposes. The process also recovers much of the water for recycle or treated for other uses. Geopolymer concrete could also be used to immobilise hazardous substances such as AMD generating sulphides and heavy metals

The concrete can generate revenue for operator. Initial work done using coal tailings indicate the tailings is a suitable precursor material for geopolymer concrete; with appropriate optimisation, the technique may be applicable across tailings from multiple commodities.

Benefit to industry:




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