Thanos Kotsiopoulos | University of Cape Town 


Title: Mitigating long-term liabilities of tailing storage facilities through integrated waste management

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The project is a low-cost solution to managing waste, mine closure and preventing acid mine drainage.


As water and arable land becomes increasingly scarce with ever-growing global populations, it is critical that we maintain water quality to sustain livelihoods, ecosystems and local economies. For countries that actively extract mineral resources, the negative impacts of mining may be long lasting as mine wastes continue to accumulate in risk-bound storage facilities. In this project we seek to reduce associated risks by recycling and repurposing these materials to prevent the onset of acid rock drainage (ARD) while simultaneously restoring mined areas to its previous arable state. Using sustainable practices, the principle of waste minimization is used together with industrial ecology for the re-purposing of waste materials from conventional mineral processing operations. Combined co-disposal and soil fabrication techniques will be used to develop an integrated prevention and rehabilitation strategy that will result in protocols for cleaner and less wasteful mining operations.

The fabricated soil can support plants with hyperaccumulators initially rendering the soils ready for agriculture and grazing lands.

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