MC2 team – the Circular Mine Consortium


Project title: MC2

Research team:

Offering to sponsors:

The project is an opportunity to remove the cost, risks and negative footprint of waste on a mine site. In addition, it aims to leave a positive legacy by recycling local domestic and industrial waste and using a collaborative platform to manage the underground water.


The project offers a profitable, safe, and sustainable pathway to zero mine waste.

The project will repurpose tailings in many ways such as carbon sequestration material, creating building blocks, filler cement concrete, artificial aggregates and organic soils. All of these transformations create multiple new income streams for the mine. The organic soil stage can be used to assist with effective rehabilitation and revegetation. Through the repurposing process, the project team will also include tailings filtration in the solution before or during the recycling process, resulting in the elimination or significant reduction of tailings stored on site. This will eliminate the need for tailings dams.  The recycling facility can also be used to recycle other waste stream such as industrial and domestic and keep operating even after the mine closure.

The filtration and recycling will result in recovering and treating water with the opportunity to reduce the loss and contamination of underground water.  A collaborative platform will be created to facilitate the management of underground water between the different stakeholders in the region, and manage the waste and products made of tailings in relation to the market demand.

The strength of the project is the team’s demonstrated experience and expertise in managing and treating different types of tailings and underground water. The team is a collaboration between  globally recognised Australian mining expertise and European recycling leadership.

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