Adrian Russell | University of New South Wales

Theme: Avoiding catastrophic failure through monitoring and containment

Project title: Preventing tailings dam failures: Predicting liquefaction risk at different ages and states

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This proposal will improve tailings storage through updated industry guidelines for the design and management of tailing storage facilities.

Tailings are stored on sites contained by embankments made from soil or a coarse component of tailings. In Australia, tailings storage facilities comprise large sections which are partially saturated and aged, and have characteristics which are poorly understood, especially their ability to resist earthquakes and their strength reductions post-earthquake. This, and the large volume of tailings being stored, and the requirement that the tailings storage facilities must remain safe for 10,000 years, imposes a huge liability on the mining industry.

The proposal outcome will be updated guidelines for the construction and management of tailings storage facilities, leading to improved safety and reduced risk to people, property and the environment.

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