Richard Lynch | Sisprobe

Theme: Avoiding catastrophic failure through monitoring and containment

Title: Real time tailings dam monitoring using distributed fibre optic sensors

Research team:

Offering to sponsors:

A demonstration project to convince mine operators of the advantages of real-time 3D fibre-optic monitoring of tailings dams to identify structural weaknesses and provide early warning of potential failure.


The project will provide comprehensive monitoring of tailings dam walls in real time through the application of fibre optic sensing technology.

Installation of the latest fibre optics technology in the dam wall enables distributed monitoring of temperature, strain and seismic data. The technology monitors the dam in 4D; a view of the interior in real time provides early warning system for potential structural weakness. The technology is best suited to new dams but can be retrofitted to existing facilities.

The project team comprises world-leaders in fibre optics, ambient noise seismic interferometry and distributed temperature seepage monitoring. All have expertise in dam monitoring in Europe and elsewhere.

Benefit to industry:


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