Richard Alorro | Curtin University


Project title: AMD PrevenT: Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Management of Mine Tailings and Prevention and Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage


Offering to sponsors:

The project aims to reduce the expense of treatment and environmental/social risk of acid mine drainage (AMD) by removing arsenopyrites and other acid-forming sulphide minerals during processing or reprocessing, and repurposing alkaline-generating components of tailings for neutralization of existing areas of AMD concern.


In terms of prevention, the project has two approaches. The first involves selectively removing arsenopyrite and other acid-forming sulphides through magnetic separation.  The magnetic separation is achieved through a novel electrochemical technique.  The resulting tailings contain little – or no – sulphides, significantly reducing risk for AMD. The second approach selectively passivates iron sulphides in areas of active AMD. The technique involves micro-encapsulation forming a barrier to oxygen and water, thus suppressing formation of AMD. For the treatment aspect, we propose to use existing mine tailings with alkaline properties. The resulting step change comes in the use of waste to treat waste.

Broader benefit to industry:




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