Silvia Black | ChemCentre

Theme: Tailings repurposing that results in a step change in existing tailings volumes

Project title: De-risking tailings – environmental impact assessment of tailings utilisation

Research team:

Offering to sponsors:

The project offers a standardized and internationally accepted approach to providing geochemical risk information on the safe use of tailings. The outcome is an end-user project for the beneficial use of tailings that has been rigorously assessed in consultation with industry and government regulatory agencies to ensure its safety and environmental sustainability.


The project addresses the urgent needs of industry, governments and regulatory agencies to enable the beneficial reuse of mine and industrial tailings in a responsible, ethical, socio-economic, and environmentally safe manner.

The project team offers to de-risk the use of tailings through an environmental risk assessment. The risk assessment toolkit was developed in Europe and has been implemented internationally, becoming the standard test in the USA. The tools include laboratory tests, database and management systems, and predictive modelling applications. Among the benefits is the fast response time compared to performing field trials.

Benefit to industry:


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