Hensley Wee, Long D. Nghiem, Nick Probert, Ben Hunter, Ronald Lee


Project title: Concentrated solar thermal drying

Research team:

Offerings to sponsors:

The project uses solar energy technology to dewater tailings, extracting ultrapure water and other valuable materials. The quality of output water is suitable for green hydrogen production, transforming tailings dams to energy reservoirs.


The project uses solar powered water treatment technology to dewater tailings. The technology is designed to extract water and other valuable materials from tailings, and can output a zero liquids discharge. The energy-saving extraction process also produces pure distillate from the tailings, which can be used for many purposes on-site.

The water units are solar powered, enabling them to stay on-site without costly generators to produce water for mine rehabilitation and local communities following the closure of the mine.

The project team has also won a government grant to treat produce water from oil wells, which will be tested for irrigation, livestock watering, municipal, and potable use.

Benefit for industry:



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