Join us to help shape where our science focus is needed to address challenges in gold processing.

This online roundtable will help shape the next stage of the Amira P420 project series.

Amira P420

P420 has a long and valuable history of delivering new data, technology, and knowledge to the gold mining sector over 27 years.

The current iteration of the series, P420G, is supported by companies in Australasia, North America and South Africa.

This project will come to a close in June this year.

Where does the future lie?

The online roundtable is an opportunity for all of industry to discuss where science is needed to bring about transformational change in gold mining through P420H.

The event is open to all companies working in any commodity.

You do not have to be an Amira Global Member to participate.

This is a valuable opportunity to join Amira Global and our collaborative partners the Gold Technology Group (GTG) and Curtin University to actively plan the future of gold research.

More details about P420H

The P420H project aims to continue support of the gold industry in achieving operating excellence despite the challenges, both continuing and emerging, being encountered by the industry today:

The GTG has a long history of Amira collaborative projects related to the gold industry and will be leading P420H. GTG is a research group, primarily funded by industry, at the Western Australian School of Mines: Mining, Energy and Chemical Engineering, Curtin University in Perth, Australia.

For more information please contact General Manager Enabling Futures Dr Anil Subramanya at