Amira Global is one the newest partners of CRC TiME. Amira Global CEO Dr Jacqui Coombes outlines why this is an important step for Members.

Amira Global is proud of its new partnership with the Australian Cooperative Research Centre for Transformations in Mining Economies (CRC TiME).

We are providing in-kind support to CRC TiME, which has approximately $160 million in funding over 10 years.

For Members, it opens a pathway to invest in mine closure research.

Why is Amira Global contributing to CRCs?

Australia’s CRC programs have provided focused R&D attention on spectrum of industry challenges for more than 30 years.

By signing the partnership agreement with CRC TiME, we have opened the door for Members to participate in the research.

This is an opportunity for all Members, not just Australian companies. This is a conduit for global engagement.

For Amira and its Members, CRCs offer:


Amira Global has been supporting CRCs across numerous industry areas for many years.

CRC TiME was established in early 2020 after key challenges for the industry were raised by the Australian Government’s 2018 Senate inquiry into mining rehabilitation.

Mine closure and relinquishment is becoming increasingly adversarial and complex, and is a critical component of the approval process for new mines in Australia.


To address these challenges, CRC TiME was initiated to provide the ideal vehicle to enable sustained industry, research and community collaboration.

How do Members get involved?

We are looking forward to connecting Members into the CRC TiME community.

Please reach out to Amira Global Manager Member Engagement Namukale Nakazwe at find out how to participate.

My personal message

On a personal level, it is a joy to be working with CRC TiME‘s CEO Guy Boggs again.

We first crossed paths when the CRC TiME was a fresh concept. From the outset both Guy and Anna Littleboy were passionate about the trajectory; from the outset both exhibited, demonstrated and lived collaboration.

This spirit lives through into CRC TiME and bodes well for the impact that will transpire.

Jacqui Coombes
Amira Global