Many of today’s mining industry leaders have been involved with Amira Global projects. This week we have a Q&A with Prince Ofori Amponsah, Acting Exploration Manager at Azumah Resources Limited, Ghana. 

Beyond simply funding research and development, sponsors create a platform for integrated application of research to industry priorities. 

Researchers and students funded in these programs go on to apply the knowledge and experience they have gained and, by all reports, delight their employees and colleagues. 

Prince exemplifies the advanced technical capability as well as both industry and research leadership that graduates from Amira programs continue to deliver well beyond the projects themselves.  It is a privilege to share Prince’s perspectives. 

What was your role in West African Exploration Initiative (WAXI)?

I joined WAXI from WAXI2 and WAXI3 as an MPhil and a PhD student respectively. Currently, I am the module leader for the Basin Research Group for the upcoming WAXI4 research programs.

How did your PhD contribute to the project?

My PhD was mainly on structural and alteration controls of gold mineralization on the 100km strike Wa-Lawra greenstone belt in north-west Ghana, which is largely owned by Azumah Resources Limited. The company is currently and actively exploring for gold.

My PhD helped the company to increase their gold inventory from 2 million ounces of resources to 2.8 million ounces of resources. It deepened our understanding of the area geologically and aided the company to make smart decisions on the area to target.

What was the topic of your PhD?

Comparative study of structures and alteration associated with gold mineralization in the Wa-Lawra region, north-west Ghana.

How is your PhD contributing to the mining sector in Africa, and internationally?

My PhD has deepened my understanding of the mining space, which is increasingly drawing me not only into the technical aspect of the search but the policy phase too. My PhD has allowed me to know the true value of the commodities we have in Africa and how the continent can harness that in a sustainable way and make money from its proceeds.

Increasingly, my knowledge in the space has drawn me closer to governments where I am currently contributing my quota directly or indirectly to the sector.

Did you enjoy working within the Amira Project as you studied? Has did it contribute to your studies?

For sure. I did enjoy working on an Amira project. Amira facilitated the whole WAXI2 to 3 perfectly, making it possible for me to be trained.

Which university did you study with?

Université Paul Sabatier (Toulouse III), Toulouse, France.

Prince’s PhD is available to the public.