Join us for a deep dive into the South American Exploration Initiative (SAXI) Stage 2. This is an opportunity for miners and explorers.

SAXI P1061B is an Amira Global research project investigating the exploration potential of the Guiana Shield in South America.

It is a project that benefits both mining and exploration companies of all commodities working in Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela.

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SAXI recently reached a milestone, completing its first year of operations.

You’re invited

Join us in an information session about the work undertaken in SAXI during the first 12 months.

This will be a detailed look at how the research is delivering — and set to deliver — benefits to sponsors.

SAXI Stage 2 has built on the work that began in 2018 to investigate the exploration potential of the Guiana Shield and neighbouring terranes.

The SAXI work package includes:

SAXI is still open to sponsors. Don’t miss out!