Amira is excited to announce the signing of a new agreement with Australia’s FrontierSI.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the organisations is an opportunity for the international resources sector to access the latest in spatial and satellite technology to optimise operations.

In a joint announcement with FrontierSI today, Amira Global CEO Dr Jacqui Coombes said the agreement was significant for those relying on advanced technology to run autonomous fleets, networks and other critical elements of mining.

“This alliance has enormous potential for the mining sector as it combines transformational research and innovation in mining and space technology. Spatial positioning, spatial mapping, and analytics are becoming essential tools for mine optimisation, especially for operations in extremely remote areas. The MOU literally means the sky is no longer the limit in R&D, innovation and implementation,” Dr Coombes said.

FrontierSI CEO Dr Graeme Kernich said stakeholders would benefit from increased collaboration between the organisations, improved pathways to implementation, and more informed decision-making.

“FrontierSI works across multiple sectors, many of which are applying these technologies on a daily basis. With this agreement we will be sharing our insights to assist the mining sector in better using space, spatial, positioning, earth observation and Digital Twin technologies for their operations, and for the benefit of wider community and the environment,” Dr Kernich said.

Dr Kernich said FrontierSI was focused on improving the integration of space and spatial technologies for broader use in operations, as well as monitoring and reporting. He said FrontierSI was already using earth observation and machine learning with several major mining companies to identify groundwater dependent vegetation, and report on ongoing vegetation condition. 

“The use of space and spatial technology in the mining sector are being realised now to provide the data and insights for better decision making,” Dr Kernich said.

Dr Coombes said the knowledge shared has exciting implications for the mining sector as capability being built by the space sector explores the potential of how resources can be mined in space. There is potential for flow-on effects to change terrestrial mining.

Amira Global and FrontierSI will explore opportunities where spatial technology can be used to:

For more information about the Memoradum of Understanding, please contact Manager Global Collaborations Patricio Pastorelli at