Amira Global has released the Amira Collaboration on Tailings (ACT) Preliminary Prospectus.

The Preliminary Prospectus outlines a proposed pathway that could achieve positive outcomes in tailings management, including zero harm tailings by 2040 and capped tailings volumes by 2050.

Amira Global CEO Dr Jacqui Coombes said the prospectus contains four key elements that, when implemented, could lead to zero harm tailings.

“There is no disputing the impact tailings failures have on human lives, the environment, and the reputation of mining. What is critical is how we respond as an industry to address and resolve the challenge,” Dr Coombes said.

“Now more than ever, our industry needs to act collaboratively on a global scale.

“Based on extensive research and industry consultation, Amira Global has prepared a prospectus that outlines a possible way forward in achieving positive outcomes in tailings management.

“We are inviting mining companies, suppliers, researchers, and government agencies to join a global conversation about the prospectus to ensure it contains the right strategies to achieve industry’s sustainability goals.

“We are looking for agreement on a set of industry targets that could simultaneously deliver to minerals production demands and meet society’s ESG requirements, as well as to frame the design of a global co-ordinated program of research, development, innovation, and implementation that could deliver a suite of outcomes to resolve industry’s tailings challenge.

“The conversation will also identify the scale of investment required to meet these aspirations and collaborate on designing a coordinated and efficient investment model to realise shared benefits.”

Dr Coombes opened the invitation to contribute to the international mining community.

“The global conversation over the next months will culminate in a summit at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Australia in October. The summit is open to all industry and will be an opportunity to finalise the prospectus and cement the pathway forward.”