About the DM Tour

Amira is currently seeking industry and research leadership in guiding the future of DM. The purpose of the DM tour is:

  1. To provide a joint opportunity to understand and enjoy the physical DM collection
  2. To gather ideas, suggestions, and support for developing DM as a sustainable resource for the industry
  3. A chance to gather with fellow DM supports over a lunch amongst the DM rock collection!

An invitation is extended across the minerals industry to join us on our visit to the DM collection and have a say in how we expand on the opportunity and ensure the long-term sustainability of this great asset.

Industry and researchers: this is your collection – come help design its future!
In addition to the DM tour, you will get to visit the world-class South Australian Drill Core Reference Library – both the collections being hosted by our partner organisation – the Department for Energy and Mining, Government of South Australia – more rocks!

Date: Friday 2nd September
Time: 9am to 1:00pm (includes lunch)
Location: Tonsley Innovation District, 5 Tonsley Boulevard, Tonsley South Australia, Australia 5042

Click here to register for the tour
And/or contact anil.subramanya@amira.global to share your ideas.

About Data Metallogenica

What is DM?

Data Metallogenica (Affectionately: “DM”) is the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of technical data relating to global mineral deposits. At its core, it contains high resolution photographs of over 70,000 samples of ores, alteration, host rocks and regolith, collected from over 3000 deposits of all styles in more than 70 countries.

The primary objectives of Data Metallogenica are as:

It is exciting that the potential role of DM as a long-term repository for ‘fragile’ and irreplaceable personal and company data is beginning to be recognised in a number of countries. Already, there are many instances where important donations of data and samples have been made. DM is developing as a true community database which offers value to all.
The physical DM collection is housed at:

Tonsley Innovation District
5 Tonsley Boulevard
Tonsley SA 5042

and the (soon to be revived!) website is https://dmgeode.com/

DM’s History

Data Metallogenica began in 1970 as a dedicated mission by Peter and Sarka Laznicka at the University of Manitoba in Canada to progressively gather representative samples of ores, alteration, host rocks and regolith from as many international ore deposits as possible.

After this original collection was acquired by Amira, it was greatly expanded through projects P554 and P554A to over 70,000 samples from more than 3000 deposits of all types from over 70 countries. All were photographed at high resolution and spectral mineralogy measured from 10% of samples, with all becoming globally accessible via the web at www.datametallogenica.com. In addition, increasing emphasis was placed on adding other technical data such as site photos, maps, sections and other information. The first compilation list of all Australian geoscience theses (P874) was also added to DM as part of its information resource, together with about 70 full theses on deposits from around the world. The Foundation Sponsors, who supported the initial projects in difficult times, included over 100 major and minor mining and exploration companies, government organisations and professional/learned societies from around the world.
The P1040 project created further opportunity to building the global encyclopedia of ore deposits.

DM is need of further updating and Amira has begun a process to establish a sustainable model to ensure the long term stewardship and maintenance of this collection. The DM tour kicks off this work as part of designing the DM update project P1328.