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2023 heralds a new year for all of us, with fresh energy and renewed vigour to make the difference and impact in our industry in productivity and in how we extract and process resources that society is demanding. In 2023 we are ready to lay the foundation for impact and so turn words to action, and action to delivery. Beyond supporting the development and management of a fantastic portfolio of projects across the mine value chain, Amira has three major initiatives for this year, each designed to provide industry wide support and impact from R&D and Innovation:

We invite you to join us on our 2023 journey as we lay the foundations and turn #Words2Action and #Action2Delivery. Let us share a little insight.

Amira Centers of Excellence

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Amira Centers of Excellence are collaborations between leading academic institutions formed to accelerate training and translation that emerges from high impact collaborative research between the institutions. These ACoE are supported by the Amira Knowledge Platform and the Global Alliance program.

Over the next 12 months, Amira’s focus is on progressing two specific AcoEs:

For more info anthony.anymadu@amira.global

Amira Knowledge Platform

Imagine not having to rely on googled information, and instead make technical mining industry decisions based on trusted, verified, and reliable R&D + Innovation outcomes?The Amira Knowledge Platform (AKP) will be a trusted platform with a governance structure to verify, validate, and integrate outcomes from the world’s researchers and innovators. The grunt work of integrating new knowledge and new outcomes will be done for you. At its core is the collection of Amira’s 60 years of research outcomes, Data Metallogenica, and CRC ORE’s wiki database. The Amira Knowledge Platform summarizes and interprets the results of minerals and mining research, development, and technologies.

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Our plan over the next 12 months is to develop a minimum viable pilot platform that will form the foundation for future expansion. In parallel we are working on structuring a governance process around the platform, including exploring how we can ensure the platform is sustainable. In both instances we are collaborating with the International Copper Association of Australia (ICAA). We would like to especially acknowledge CRC ORE who has provided seed funding as well as the Grade Engineering wiki as formative material for this platform.

For more info anil.subramanya@amira.global

Amira Global Alliances

Amira’s Global Alliance program seeks to interconnect all mining related associations, test facilities, and innovation hubs. Our purpose is to align and shorten the pathway between research and industry deployment. To date we have connected with associations, facilities, and innovation hubs around the world.

Over the next 12 months we plan on bringing together more events and showcasing opportunities, talent, technologies, and alliances through these connections to help our industry members test and deploy innovation with and through respective Amira partners and alliances.

For more info patricio.pastorelli@amira.global

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We welcome our Members’ voice as we shape each of these as conduits to increase return on investment in the many collaborative projects sponsored through Amira.

We wish you all an exciting, productive, and engaging 2023.