In the dynamic world of the mining industry, a new and powerful alliance has emerged, bringing together two renowned organizations with distinct strengths. The partnership between Newlab, a deep tech venture platform, and Amira Global, a leader in mining R&D, promises to reshape the landscape of mining innovation and research and development (R&D), marking a remarkable stride towards a more sustainable and efficient mining sector.

As the global mining industry faces growing pressure to satisfy demand for critical minerals, reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable overall, this alliance offers a critical step towards tangible progress. By harnessing emerging technologies from adjacent industries, applying innovative methodologies, and prioritizing sustainability, decarbonization, recycling, and critical minerals, Newlab and Amira Global are setting the stage for a new, sustainable mining industry. This collaboration is not just about redefining mining; it’s about pioneering a sustainable, responsible, and resilient mining sector for generations to come.

The Convergence of Expertise

Newlab, is a U.S. based leader in Applied Innovation that helps deep tech startups get from idea to impact faster by removing critical barriers on the path to scale. Newlab has over 300 member companies and several partnerships with forward-thinking corporate and civic entities.

Amira Global, is a longstanding leader in mining R&D with over 50 years of history and more than 80 mining companies as its members.

By bringing these two powerful networks together, Amira Global and Newlab will increase collaboration across the mining industry. The unique blend of innovation and legacy expertise is expected to open new horizons in mining technology and sustainability.

Strategic Focus Areas

The alliance has strategically mapped out its goals, focusing on key aspects such as:

● Cross-Industry Technology Integration: One of the alliance’s primary objectives is to facilitate the seamless adoption of game-changing technologies from adjacent sectors. By drawing on insights and innovations from industries such as energy, oil & gas, biotechnology, automotive, and others, they aim to supercharge the mining industry with cutting-edge solutions. This approach ensures that mining remains at the forefront of technological advancement, harnessing the potential of innovations already proven in other sectors.

● Applied Innovation: The alliance is committed to de-risking low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) projects by applying innovative methodologies, such as the establishment of innovation testbeds. These controlled environments will serve as real-world laboratories for piloting.

cutting-edge technologies and methodologies before their widespread implementation, minimizing risks and optimizing results.

● Elevating Sustainability: The partnership is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of mining operations, through the testing of responsible sourcing practices, enhanced waste management, and innovative land reclamation techniques within the innovation testbeds.

● Knowledge Exchange: The partnership’s vision extends to creating a hub for the sharing of research, resources, and best practices. It aspires to be a beacon of knowledge, promoting collaboration and information exchange across mining companies globally.

● Global Impact: The alliance aims to expand its reach globally, fostering cross-border partnerships and collaborations. This will catalyze the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and practices worldwide, advancing the mining industry as a whole.

Areas of work


Decarbonization stands as the focal point of our strategic vision for the mining industry. The alliance recognizes the urgency of reducing carbon emissions in mining operations. Decarbonization is not just a moral imperative but a necessity for the industry’s long-term viability and its role in the green transition. The singular focus is on implementing clean energy solutions and promoting responsible sourcing practices. Both institutions are committed to a fundamental shift towards greener mining operations that prioritize renewable energy sources, energy-efficient processes, and low-carbon technology adoption.

Critical Minerals

Critical minerals are the backbone of renewable energy technologies, electric vehicles, and advanced electronics.heir role in powering the global green transition cannot be overstated. The alliance formed by Newlab and Amira Global, is acutely aware of the industry’s pivotal role in ensuring a consistent supply of these essential minerals. Our strategic focus is squarely on securing critical minerals to support the green transition and to meet the burgeoning demand while simultaneously upholding sustainability, focusing on cutting-edge geoscience innovation, responsible sourcing practices, and fostering an ecosystem that guarantees a reliable and domestic supply of critical minerals.

A New Age of Mining Innovation

As the global mining industry faces increasing pressure to evolve, this partnership presents a transformative vision and a tangible pathway forward.

By facilitating the infusion of technologies from diverse sectors, Newlab and Amira Global are positioning mining at the forefront of innovation. Through meticulous de-risking and applied

innovation methodologies, they’re ensuring that unproven technologies are thoroughly tested, paving the way for a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable mining industry.

In Conclusion

This alliance transcends industry boundaries, forging a path towards a mining sector that is not only more innovative and productive but also adaptive to the ever-changing technological landscape. As these two organizations join forces, they are laying the groundwork for a mining industry that is not just mining, but a convergence of the best practices and breakthroughs from numerous sectors, fostering a future where mining is at the forefront of technological advancement and sustainability.

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