Gekko Systems, renowned for its innovative mineral processing solutions, has been instrumental in revolutionizing traditional mineral recovery methods and driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness in ore processing. Gekko Systems has leveraged collective expertise to develop cutting-edge technologies that optimize mineral recovery processes while minimizing environmental impact. One of the hallmarks of Gekko Systems’ contribution to the mining industry is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. By prioritizing resource efficiency, waste reduction, and environmental stewardship, Gekko Systems has set a benchmark for responsible mining practices. Through AMIRA, Gekko Systems has collaborated with industry peers, researchers, and academic institutions to explore innovative solutions for reducing water consumption, energy usage, and carbon emissions in mining operations. 

At the heart of Gekko’s success lies its relentless pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement. Through its innovation and development cycle, Gekko delivers state-of-the-art concepts and optimized installations that provide clients with clear answers and high yields. By leveraging a combination of expertise, research, and practical experience, Gekko has emerged as a trusted partner for mining companies seeking to maximize operational efficiencies and achieve sustainable growth. 

Key to Gekko’s technology solutions are its low-cost technologies designed to increase gold recovery rates. Among these solutions are the InLine Pressure Jig (IPJ), the Inline Leach Reactor (ILR), and the G-Rex resin column, each offering efficient and cost-effective methods for extracting precious metals from ore. Additionally, Gekko offers engineered solutions such as the Python processing plant, specifically designed for treating satellite and underground deposits, and the Gravity Box, a versatile gravity separation system. 

In line with its commitment to advancing industry standards and best practices, Gekko has been a major sponsor of the P420 series project, with its latest contribution being the P420H project. This project builds upon the successful 40-year history of the Curtin Gold Technology Group and previous Gold Processing Technology projects, aiming to further refine and optimize gold processing technologies. By collaborating with industry partners, Gekko seeks to capture best practices, conduct circuit assessments, and develop new optimal practices based on sound research, ultimately driving innovation and efficiency in gold processing. 

Beyond its technical contributions, Gekko Systems’ participation in AMIRA reflects its commitment to industry-wide collaboration and the pursuit of common goals. Through its engagement in networking events, workshops, and mentorship programs facilitated by AMIRA, Gekko Systems has forged valuable connections with fellow industry stakeholders, researchers, and government agencies, paving the way for continued collaboration and mutual success. 

In appreciation of Gekko Systems’ dedication to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, we applaud their contributions to the mining industry and their role as a valued member of the AMIRA community. As we look to the future, we are confident that Gekko Systems will continue to drive positive change, inspire innovation, and lead the way towards a more sustainable and prosperous mining industry for generations to come.