Amira Africa Center of Excellence for Full Value Chain Processing

The future of mining lies in the ability to nurture talents now. The Africa Center of Excellence is committed to fostering the development of researchers through the strategic design of research programs, which include regular training, development opportunities benchmarking, and industry application.

The Africa Center of Excellence is seamlessly integrating a network of testing facilities, pilot plants, and research centers to enhance the core sciences of geosciences, mineral processing, and extractive metallurgy. This infrastructure not only supports comprehensive investigations but also establishes a physical presence for numerous other Amira projects across Africa and other continents. This coordinated approach benefits our members in the mining industry by providing immediate access to valuable resources.

What’s happening now?

Amira’s ambitious goal to establish a center of excellence in mining in Africa has seen a consistent and robust growth trajectory. We have achieved several key milestones, including securing advisory board members from industry and government leaders, forming a research consortium working group with expertise from state tertiary institutions and technical practitioners, obtaining industrial lands for various purposes in different locations, initiating a scoping study and design development phase with preliminary funding from EPCM (MPPE).

Expected Impact in the Mining Space: