Block modelling and forecasting mine seismicity hazard with more accuracy and better accessibility 

Project Number: P1262
Status: Open to sponsors
Amira Program Manager: Redeemina Comfort Bonnah

This three-year Amira Project aims to address current shortfalls in forecasting seismic hazards for underground excavations using advanced numerical modelling methods. The project will formulate spatial probabilistic and risk-based descriptions of the largest possible seismic events by area, the probable location of large events, the expected number of subsequent triggered events, and the anticipated peak ground velocities and surface displacements generated at key locations, that have been triggered by mining activities.

The key outputs from this project will be a detailed guideline and a tailored software plug-in that can be used by operational and consulting engineers to design future mines more safely and more economically and, more importantly streamlining the training and knowledge transfer for new engineers.

Sponsor benefits include the following:

The project is currently seeking expressions of interest. Please contact Redeemina Comfort Bonnah at for more information.