Evaluation of Sustainable Acid Mist Suppressants to Replace FC-1100

Project Number: P1251
Status: Active
Amira Program Manager: Olga Verezub


In copper electrowinning (CuEW), the most common engineering control to limit acid mist generation is a chemical, FC-1100. 3M has recently announced that it plans to discontinue FC-1100 production. This creates a significant need for CuEW tankhouses to find a suitable and sustainable replacement. Any FC-1100 replacement could cause operational risks by interacting with solvent extraction chemicals. 

This project will permit the CuEW industry to come together and conduct pre-competitive laboratory research to screen a large number of surfactants and identify potential candidates for further industrial trials. Project sponsors can benefit greatly through reduced costs and finding a FC-1100 replacement quicker than if they act alone.

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