EKS Dewatering Technology

Project Number: P420H
Status: In Management; Open to sponsors
Amira Program Manager: Anil Subramanya

The EKS-DT process, developed by ElectroKinetic Solutions. The EKS-DT is an in situ process for rapidly dewatering tailings, providing #tailings storage facility #TSF operators the means to eliminate their tailings liability effectively and economically. The technology’s performance has recently been proven through a field demonstration in Alberta, Canada. The final technology development stage for the EKS-DT process is to complete a commercial demonstration of the technology to de-risk the deployment and operation in a TSF that is >100 m wide.

The EKS-DT process offers many advantages compared to other tailings management options including #increased#TSF#capacity, increased #water#conservation#reduced#risk of tailings #liquefaction, and #reduced tailings #management#costs.

For example, during the EKS-DT field demonstration, 1,100 m3 of water were released from over 1,700 m3 of tailings, a volume reduction >60%. The energy consumption during the field demonstration was <15 kWh/m3 of water released, 33% less than forecast.

Similar benefits can be realized by sponsors who, following this project, proceed with the detailed engineering, fabrication and deployment of an EKS-DT system one of their TSFs.

For more information please contact GM Australasia/VP Geosciences Dr Anil Subramanya @ anil.subramanya@amira.global