Decarbonisation of Mining Operations implementing Hydrogen Dualization Systems 

Project Number: P1326
Status: Open to sponsors
Amira Program Manager: Patricio Pastorelli

This project seeks to generate diesel-green H2 dualization systems for six different types of engines.

They will be tested in pilot programs at selected mining operations.

While the project will initially take place in Chile, Peru, Brazil, or Colombia, there are plans to replicate it in other countries.

Recent tests in Latin America that replaced some diesel with hydrogen found vehicle automony increased and the mechanical and structural integrity of the vehicles remained sound.

The project lead is AndesH2, a well-regarded company involved in the use of green hydrogen in Latin America. They produced the first molecule of green hydrogen in Antofagasta, Chile, and were selected tfor the development of the pre-feasibility of a Green Hydrogen Hub in Manizales, Colombia.

Green hydrogen is a renewable energy resource that can be obtained from water by hydrolysis, where the water can come from the sea, the rain, or any other resource.

It has potential for use as fuel, but work is required to overcome issues, such as expense.

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