P1335 Geodynamic Andes eXploration South America

Project Number: P1335

Status: In Development: expression of Interest

Project manager: Patricio Pastorelli


The Geodynamic Inheritance & eXploration (GAXI) Project is a research initiative focused on understanding the spatial distribution and genesis of economic mineral systems along the South American Gondwana margin. The objective is to help develop future industry-relevant targets within a sophisticated exploration framework. GAXI builds on a successful pilot study in the Peruvian Andes, revealing a connection between mineral-forming processes and the localization of economic ore deposits.

At its core, the GAXI Project is predicated on the concept of ancient geodynamic inheritance as a principal mechanism for controlling the spatial-temporal dynamics and genetic characteristics of deposit superclusters in long-lived accretionary margins, specifically the South American Andes.

This new approach is a response to the industry’s challenges, such as the dwindling greenfield discoveries, increasing exploration costs and time, adjusting to future needs for critical and staple metal supply, and tackling the environmental and social impacts of exploration in uncharted terrains.

Unlike traditional exploration strategies, which have been largely focused on brownfield advancements and specific deposit styles, metals, or their associations, GAXI aims to revolutionize greenfield discoveries by delving into the core processes of the mineral systems concept. The project aspires to understand key aspects of the spatial distribution and genesis of mineral systems, and the vital link between ore-forming processes and deposit localization, ultimately reducing time, cost, and social impact of mineral exploration.

For more information please contact GM LATAM, Patricio Pastorelli at patricio.pastorelli@amira.global


Dr Daniel Wiemer

Project Leader & Chief Investigator 1

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Exploration Targeting, School of Earth
Sciences, UWA

Prof Dr SteffenHagemann

Chief Investigator 2

Professor of Economic Geology at the University of Western Australia and Director of the Centre for Exploration Targeting

A/Prof Dr Tony Kemp

Main Analytics Collaborators

Associate Professor of Geology and
Isotope Geochemistry, School of Earth
Sciences, UWA

Dr Chris Fisher

Main Analytics Collaborators

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Exploration Targeting, School of Earth Sciences,