P9R Optimising Mineral Operations with Multi Component Models

Project Number: P9R
Status: Open to sponsors
Project manager: Bright Foli & Redeemina Comfort Bonnah


The Amira P9R represents the latest extension of the iconic P9 series of projects that began in 1962. For six decades Industry Sponsors of the P9 program have helped build a strong community of practice in Mineral Processing with a focus on automating and optimising stages and steps that will ultimately lead to a whole of system real time optimisation and adaption in implementation.

Over the last three iterations, i.e., specifically from P9O through to the recently completed P9Q, successful attempts at progressively improving the key mineral processing models into multicomponent capability, and integrating them in a circuit-wide application, have been undertaken. In addition, some success has been achieved in creating the platform that can carry the various models and assist in mass balancing and model fitting plant data to the refined P9 models.

Though significant progress has been made over the years, we have not reached that ultimate goal. P9R, being the 18th extension, is designed to focus on key gaps in Optimisation of Mineral Processes by Modelling and Simulation.

Amira invites you to pledge your support of P9R and thereby participate in the defining of the final P9R scope of works.

This document offers a briefing of the intended scope of works, the anticipated costs, and preliminary position of Intellectual property, non-use periods, and other matters that will be addressed by the pledging group.

Bright Foli, VP Mineral Processing, is available to address any and all queries you may have.