Preventing tailings dam failures: Predicting liquefaction risk at different ages and states through physical modelling, experimental analysis, field testing and real-time data collection

Project Number: P1288
Status: Open to sponsors
Amira Program Manager: Silvia Black

This project will undertake new research and facilitate knowledge transfer and training activities to help the mining industry prevent failures of tailings storage facilities (TSFs). Particular attention will be given to methods and tools used to assess liquefaction susceptibility as well as the reductions in strengths and stabilities of TSFs post-liquefaction. The research will target poorly understood characteristics of TSFs including:

Sponsor benefits:

Sponsors will gain additional value by putting the new knowledge into practice with their TSFs during the project. This may involve:

Student involvement

Sponsors who provide tailings and TSF data may arrange for a university student local to the TSF to join the research team.

The project is currently seeking expressions of interest from sponsors. Please contact Silvia Black at for more information.