Gold Processing Technology Fundamentals and Applications of Gold Ore Processing is an online course which is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals and practical applications involved in gold processing with a particular emphasis on plant optimisation.

This course is designed to provide practising metallurgists with knowledge and tools to assist in operation and optimisation of gold processing circuits. Topics covered will include:

Amira is proud to support these upcoming courses led by Dr Teresa McGrath and Bill Staunton from the Gold Processing Group at Curtin University.

Sessions will be held every Monday for 10 weeks starting on Monday 15 March 2021. Each session will run for 45‐90 minutes with a total of 11 hours over the 10 weeks, with delivery time for each session optimised for our North/South American and African sponsors. Registration details can be found on the P420G website newsletter page.

Please use your company email to register for a login to the website and for the webinars.

To find out if your company sponsors P420G or for information regarding Amira Global Membership, please contact Sara Sulway, GM Member Engagement.

For more information regarding the course please contact Teresa McGrath or Bill Staunton.