In today’s post we talk to Amira Global CEO Dr Jacqui Coombes about a new agreement with the Mining Innovation HUB of Peru.

“We are currently building a global network of allied organisations, such as the Mining Innovation Hub of Peru, to help deliver new data, information, technology and innovation to our Members

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Mining Innovation HUB of Peru marks the beginning of greater collaboration with mining organisations in South America.

Mining Innovation Hub of Peru is a forward-thinking mining organisation and we look forward to their valuable contribution to the Global Alliance.

In announcing the MOU with us, CEO Pamela Antonioli said the alliance with Amira gives us the opportunity to share and strengthen efforts in search of the mining of the future.

“The role of research in mining is key to generating knowledge and addressing the great challenges of the sector” – Pamela Antonioli, Mining Innovation HUB from Peru.

Benefits to Members

Mining Innovation HUB from Peru was created by mining companies operating in Peru to facilitate innovation and collaboration.

Its objectives are:

Members include miners Buenaventura, Goldfields, Minera Poderosa, Nexa, Hubday, and Consorcio Minero Horizonte, and mining suppliers such as Engie and Schneider Electric.

The MOU opens a pathway for Amira Global Members to engage with the Peruvian mining ecosystem.

Through Amira, Members will be able to access and network with key stakeholders in Peru’s mining sector, and explore opportunities for research and development projects.  

It is a pathway to active national and international innovation networks and an avenue for learning about trends and innovative advances in the region.

How to get involved?

The MOU is managed by Amira’s Head of Global Alliances, Patricio Pastorelli, who is based in Santiago, Chile.

Patricio will be able to help Amira Global Members connect with the appropriate contact within the Mining Innovation HUB of Peru as well as help with language barriers.

The HUB runs the following activities:

I encourage you all to learn more about the MOU and how you can benefit from our expanding Global Alliance by reaching out to Patricio Pastorelli at”

Dr Jacqui Coombes
Amira Global CEO